Monday, October 29, 2007

Our "Snuggly-Warm" Pumpkins

Ever since our trip to Dewberry Farms where we picked up some pumpkins, Gracie has been asking us every night if we can carve pumpkins. We had told her we would do it this weekend, so she's been counting down the days.

Jerry thought larger pumpkins would be easier to carve, so in addition to the two we picked up at Dewberry Farms (that had to be small enough for the girls to carry) I went to Walmart and picked up four humongous pumpkins. There's barely enough room in our house for us, so I put them around the front porch area, all decorative-like. Jerry decided on Saturday morning to bring them back into the house to give them a chance to warm up before we carved them. When Gracie found out that was the reason they were in the house, she immediately got her tumbling hearts blanket from her bed and tucked them in. When Jerry asked her about it, she said it was so they would be "snuggly and warm" when we carved them. Jerry even convinced her to sit on the pumpkins like a duck sits on its eggs to get them warm faster.

Sunday afternoon we finally got around to carving the pumpkins. The girls stood firm - they wanted to carve the pumpkins from Dewberry Farms, so we helped them do theirs first. Maggie thought hers was, "not too scary, but kind of nice too." Miss Gracie characterized hers as, "Spooky, and not kind at all!" Then Jerry and I decided to carve up two of the bigger ones ourselves - with the girl's help of course. Jerry went with a friendly-pumpkin theme, and I got creative and made a cat. We took pictures - I thought we might could use this for a Christmas card, but I guess a Halloween Christmas card would be too weird:

Other than pumpkin carving, I have been unusually non-productive this week. I think after our road-trip, I just kinda felt like not doing anything for awhile. The only thing I did this week was get a haircut, which I am worried may have been a total mistake. It's medium length, and is very "kicky". I may have to drive to Houston to have Larry fix it for me. He's the only one who truly understands me and my hair, I think. (Sigh. . .)

Well, If I'm really going to get something done today, I better post and run! Happy Monday!

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