Friday, November 1, 2013

That's How I Know

Are you familiar with the Disney movie, Enchanted?  I really enjoy that movie, with all its hidden references to other Disney movies, and how it pokes fun at all the princess silliness while still being fun itself.  Anyway. . . On my last phone, I had a clip of the song, "That's How You Know" as my ringtone for Jerry.  It talks about how you have to not take your special someone for granted, and show them that you really truly love them by the little things you do, "a little bit everyday" to show that you love them.  So here's the little thing that told me this morning that my sweetie was thinking of me:

Our ceiling fan.  Or as I like to call it, the evil kryptonite fan.  Because if it's on, I can't get up.  It has this mystical power over my body, and if it is on, I cannot bring myself to leave the warm cocoon of my covers where the breeze from the fan is waiting to chill me.  Jerry gets up first though, and because he loves me, he slays the kryptonite beast so that I can emerge unscathed.  He's my knight in shining armor!    

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