Monday, February 4, 2013

The Mall

There are certain days where I am convinced that men have it easier than women.  The days where I have to go to the mall are most certainly one of those days.

I got an e-mail from Dillard's about their upcoming "extra 30% off already permanently reduced inventory" sale, and was invited to take advantage of the sale a day before the general public because of my status as a Dillard's account holder.  Sounds good, especially considering that Jerry's work shirts are normally around $50, and they were on sale for $30, so with an extra 30% off, that's $21.  To me, this is a good deal, and I thought we should take advantage, so I picked Jerry up from work for a lunch-time shopping trip.

We walked into Dillard's, went to the "dress shirt" section, found the fixture labeled "Neck Size 16" and proceeded to select six shirts, grabbed a couple of bundles of socks, and checked out.  I took him back to work.  I then headed back to Dillard's to see if I could find some tops for me that were a good deal as well.

Time Elapsed:  1 hour
Shirts: 6

I headed to the women's Dillard's (our mall has two Dillard's stores - one for men / kids / housewares / furniture, and one for women.)  Let's see - I wanted business casual shirts.  What department would that be?  Oh, all over the store.  I know my measurements, but would that help?  No, because all designers use different dress forms to make their clothes, so you can't rely on the size that's on the garment - you must try each item on.  I gather up several items that might be suitable, and head to the dressing rooms.  Unfortunately, this season's "look" is apparently knit and clingy, and everything I tried did not flatter me in any way.  After three rounds in the dressing room, I gave up.

Time Elapsed:  2 hours
Shirts: 0
Self-loathing:  High

I hate shopping.

The problem is, I have to go shopping.  The whole re-entering the workforce is going to make it a necessity. Unfortunately, between a sluggish thyroid, lack of exercise, and just plain gluttony where sweets are concerned, it isn't a very pleasant experience.

Oh, and to make this shopping trip even better, while I was taking a break for lunch I got a call from my credit card company wanting to know if I'd bought $3,700+ of women's accessories in Ohio the previous day.  Hello?  I am the woman who won't even buy new clothes unless they are an extra 30% off clearance,  so I'm thinking that, no, $3,700 of accessories wasn't me.  Ugh.

So maybe it's better that I didn't find anything anyway.  I've got a few days until my new card gets here - I suppose I could use the time to get started on a fitness regimen.

Or I could go eat a box of Girl Scout cookies.  We only have 120 boxes in the house.  Help!  Call me if you want to save me from myself - only $3.50 a box!

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Dee Hunt said...

I know exactly how you feel about the whole shopping thing. I absolutely abhor shopping!!! Try the Dress Barn. They have nice clothes for real women (you know, the ones who have curves and do enjoy sweets!) and their prices are pretty good. I've had better luck there than any other place. I miss being a ding-a-ling with you! Hope all is well.