Monday, July 30, 2012

A Brave Adventure

The first night at Camp Redcloud there was an orientation meeting where the staff introduced all the activities to choose from, and you got to make your plan for the week.  There was so much to do, it was hard to decide, and unlike our previous family camp, almost everything was included the price of the camp itself. The only things that incurred and extra charges were white water rafting and fly fishing expeditions that were run by outside agencies.  Other than that we could choose from pony rides, archery, trail rides, hiking up a 14'er, 30 mile bike ride, canoeing, RC boats, fishing, rappelling, white water rafting, and more.  We discussed what we each really wanted to do and made our schedule.

Monday we got up (it was in the 50's - woo-hoo!) and had breakfast, worship and teaching time, lunch, and some team building activities (or a nap!), and then it was time for our first activity:  Archery! 

Archery was one of the activities that the entire family wanted to participate in, so we filled up all the slots available for that archery session.  The girls and I had gone to see Brave the week before, so they were eager to try archery.  In fact, the week after we got back we went and saw it again with Jerry, and when the film ended he observed, "Now I see why you girls were so enthusiastic about archery and horses at camp!"

We took turns using the bows and arrows.  We found out that Nana had taken two semesters of archery in college, and she was a pretty good shot! 

My target was shaped like an apple, and I got a pretty close shot right of the bat, but then proved that it was beginner's luck by not even hitting the hay bale with the rest of my shots!

Jerry out-shot me, no surprise! 

Maggie was very serious about her shooting. 

We started teasing her a little about it, but she managed to ignore us until I quoted the line from the Brave movie, "I don't want to get married!  I want to stay single. . . "  Then she cracked up!  She liked archery right off the bat and thought she might like to sign up for archery at school next year.  We had fun.  

Once we were finished, our staff member led us in a neat devotion about sin, which is an archery term meaning the distance between your shot and the bulls eye.  Just as we don't stop trying when we miss the shot with the arrow, we shouldn't give up when we sin, but continue to try to live the Christian life modeled for us by Jesus Christ. 

As we were wrapping up our time it began to drizzle, and since it was cool the kids went looking for shelter.  They'll take any port in a storm!  

Then it was time to be off to our next activity! 

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