Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night, as I was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep, I was thinking about one-hundred different thoughts about patience. I had so many thoughts about it, I though, "I should write a blog entry about all these thoughts." Fortunately for you, all those thoughts about patience leaked out of my head while I was trying unsuccessfully to get a good night's sleep, so I can't write what I'm sure would have been a riveting blog entry. Instead you get the usual drivel.

Summer vacation is about halfway over, I think, and it has been a very busy one. After our week at family camp we had one intense week of laundry and yard work before Jerry headed off for a ten-day trip to Brazil with a short-term mission team from our church. While he was gone the girls and I headed to Fort Worth to see friends and family. The girls were happy to get in some playtime with cousin Korbin, who we don't get to see very often.

I can hardly believe how big they all are. Ugh!

Next we headed to the new Fort Worth Museum of Natural Science with our friends, the Whites. There was an exhibit of toys from Mexico there, as well as a new exhibit on Leonardo DaVinci. Maggie was not happy about that at all - last time we went the traveling exhibit was on CSI - Forensics, and she was looking forward to seeing it again. When she found out it was about old Leonardo, she got rather moody and informed me that she already knew EVERYTHING about DaVinci, thank you very much, and she would rather sit on a bench while the rest of us looked at the exhibit because she already read about him in a book. Eventually she reluctantly joined us, but I tell you what - if this is pre-teen, I don't know if I'll survive the teen years.

The only thing recognizable from the old museum (they tore it down two years ago to build the new) was the Omni Theater portion of the museum, complete with fiberglass dinosaur outside. Here they are on our trip. . .

And here they are the last time we took this picture (in 2004).

As I said earlier, I can hardly believe how big they are.

We headed back to Oklahoma City for the Fourth of July, Jerry's return date, and did manage to see some fireworks, despite drenching rains.

Jerry got home safely, and is full of tales from Brazil. He and another team member will be telling a little bit about their experiences in Brazil this Sunday at church, which has him very nervous. It is wonderful to hear all that he saw and did while he was there.

Since then we have had a very subdued summer, but it won't last long. Uncle Aaron is coming for a visit, and that will begin our four week marathon of activity until school starts. I better catch my breath while I can!

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