Monday, June 21, 2010


Our family of four recently returned from a week at Family Camp in the Ozarks with my dad, stepmom and my sister and her family. While we were there my cellphone didn't work, and my laptop had no internet. Amazingly, the world did not end. I had taken my laptop with me to perhaps steal a few moments to scrapbook, but I only got it out to download pictures off the cameras - the rest of the days were full of activities.

Our week was spent at Shepherd of the Ozarks, or SOTO for short. Here's some highlights:

Jerry's first activity was the Cliffhanger - a 50 or so foot high swing that shoots you out over the edge of the cliff for a nice, long look down at the valley below:

A lot of our time was spent in the creek - it was cold and clear. We caught lots of minnows, a crawdad or two, and saw tons of fish, a four-foot long snake, and an alligator snapping turtle!

Here's Gracie getting ready to take a plunge off the cliff:

One day Nana watched all the grandkids and everyone else headed out for a canoe/kayak trip down the Buffalo River. We had a good time, stopping every time we needed to cool off to take a dip in the river and skip stones. Here are Jerry and I getting ready to set out.

Our evenings were full of activities - game night, talent show night, campfire and communion night, and (my favorite) dancing night. Here's Gracie, Nana, Granddad and I doing our best on a square dance:

Maggie's favorite thing for the week was the horseback trail ride. It was a long, hot ride, but the girls loved it. Gracie rode Lucky, and Maggie's horse was named Gee. I got a horse named Ruby, and as soon as I got on her, she got all itchy and decided to rub up against the fence to remedy her situation. Unfortunately, my leg was between her and the fence, so I got a bruised leg to go with the sore backside I knew would result from the ride. Nothing an ice-pack and rest wouldn't heal.

The next day was an off-site trip to Blanchard Springs caverns. Maggie wasn't interested in seeing a cave, so I stayed at our lodge with her and my niece, Carissa, and we went to the petting zoo and swimming in the creek while Jerry, Gracie and the rest of the gang went to the caverns.

Each night before dinner there were pony rides on a pony named Milkshake for the kids, and this little horse, Casper, pulled a little wagon. Here are Gracie and Will getting a ride:
The last morning before we left Dad and I hiked up to Indian Bluff Trail, where there was a nice lookout over the camp. Here's the view:

We all had a really good time, and the girls got some great cousin play time - they were a fearsome foursome:

We all had a great time though. Here's the parting family shot:
And now, I suppose it's time to plug back in. Maybe.

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