Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catching Up

'Twas the day before Christmas,
Sitting before my blog,
Months have gone by
And my memory's a fog.

What's happened around here
Since my October update?
A whole lot of stuff,
Too much to relate.

First there was Halloween
With candy galore
Pocohontas and Elizaeth Cole
Graced our door

Next came the leaves
They fell and fell.
I raked them up
And began to yell:

"Someone bring me a bag!"
But there were none to be had,
So the girls had lots
Of leaf fun instead.

Soon Veteran's day
Came to our school
The Girl Scouts thought
A Flag Ceremony would be cool

So we put on our vests
And answered the call
We did our best
I was proud of them all.
Next came Thanksgiving,
Time to hit the road.
We saw GGma with everyone,
Eighteen relatives, all told.
The next day was a test
of patience and grace
To get a Christmas card photo
With no pouty face.

Once the photo was taken
It was time to relax
We headed out to the stock pond
to relax to the max.
The catfish were crafty,
Sneaky and quick,
Gracie caught one,
Maggie just caught a stick.
Once back home
A project had to be made
A red panda habitat -
Maggie got a good grade

We also had fun
building gingerbread houses,
With loads of candy
the girls nibbled like mouses.

We celebrated at Church
Rang bells and sang too,
Happy Birthday Jesus,
We love you!

We know in our hearts
He's the reason for the season
But we saw Santa too -
We don't think that's treason.

Once last stop at the mall
to see cool Legos
the girls could have played for hours
except we said, "Let's go!"

We have to pack
and be on our way
So we drove to DFW
and here we will stay
For the snow's coming down
all over the road
and for right now,
my story is told.
Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Love This STORY. It is told beautifuly just like your Family.


gina said...

Well done!!!

Amy's Antics said...

very nice..i like it! I haven't blogged since June!