Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eight Years Later. . .

Well, today we celebrate this:

As we remember this:

And wonder this:

Where did the time go?

Where ever it went, it certainly went quickly. Kind of like this summer has gone quickly. All of the sudden we have reached the end. We have one week of swim lessons, a week of vacation, another week of swim lessons, and BOOM! we are back in school. Yikes!

We have had a pretty busy summer since we've been home from the grandparents. We've been to the local museum, which has a nice little turn-of-the-century (1900's) town built kid-sized with a home, store, bank, prison, etc. . . for the kids to play in. We've hit the park a couple of times when the heat let up. We played games at Chuck E. Cheese when it didn't. We joined a local neighborhood pool, which the girls have enjoyed immensely - here's some shots of them there:

And of course, we had Gracie's birthday party this weekend. Now, those of you who know Gracie will not be surprised at her party theme - no princesses for this girl, thank you very much. This year she wanted a Mario Cart theme. I tracked down Mario Brothers party ware, and talked Gracie down from a 3-D mushroom cake to a flat one plus mushroom cupcakes. We also did our traditional 'Pin the _____ on the _____' game tied back to the theme. This year it was "Pin the Moustache on Mario." By the time the game was finished, it looked like Mario was being attacked by bats!

We did a water fun party in the backyard and played a lot of the same games we played with our friends in Farmington. Cousins Will and Carissa showed up with Nana and Granddaddy,

and almost everyone we invited came, so we had a group of about 12 kids all together. A perfect number for games!

All in all, another successful (but exhausting!) birthday party!

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