Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Visit to the Hundred Acre Woods

The time has come this year for the first graders to visit the Hundred Acre Woods. For those of you who might have forgotten, that is where Winnie-the-Pooh lives with all his friends. Each grade level at our elementary school has a program each year, and the first graders always do a play that revolves around Pooh, which is the theme for the entire first grade at our school. This year it was raining in the Hundred Acre Woods, so the adventure was imagined to be under the sea. Pooh and his friends hopped on a yellow submarine and explored the underwater world. Gracie's class all donned their swimsuits and goggles and scuba gear and swam around. Here's our little scuba divers:

Gracie is first on the second row, in the red and blue outfit.

This year Gracie was very into her program, excited about all her songs, playing her instrument, and describing her dance to me in advance of her program. Here she is singing her heart out (second row, next to the penguins):

Next up was the dance. She held a hoop the first part of the dance, and then they made a circle and did a little dance. You can see her "scuba" gear in this shot:

Lastly, she had her instrument part. They played hand chimes - a group of them would have the chimes to make a chord, and they would play their cord when the director held up their number. As a handbell player, I was impressed with Gracie's focus on her director!

They did a great job! We ordered a video of the performance, and I'm sure you'll have an opportunity to see it soon!

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