Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boneheads and Bowheads

Well, despite assurances from the administrative staff at the clinic, my doctor did not return my call before end of business on Friday. Monday morning, bright and early, they called and told me that they didn't have the results either.

So, the mystery now is, WHO set up the referral for the surgeon? Determined to find out the answer, I called the referral desk, who said indeed, it was my GP, although he and/or his staff doesn't know it. I suppose the important thing is that I have an appointment, right? By the end of the day they called to let me know that the result was "dysfunctional gallbladder", so they were going to set me up a referral to a surgeon. I told them, "I've already got an appointment -that's the whole reason I'm calling!" The nurses' response: "Boy, I guess we are really on top of things!" Yeah. Right. Whatever!

Tuesday I got the official results on paper in the mail, so I took them along to the surgical consultation today, just in case they didn't have a copy (they did.) Jerry took off work to go with me to the appointment, and I must say, it took forever. We waited in the waiting room a good long time - by the time we left his office we'd been there for two hours, and by the time we got out of the lab (at the hospital) we'd been there almost another hour. I've never had to wait that long before - it's because Jerry went with me!

"So", I'm sure you are wondering, "what did the surgeon say?"

Well, my test results are not conclusive at this point. He says with the results he has now, it's about a 50/50 chance that it's my gallbladder, and he'd like a little more evidence before he decides to remove it. So, tomorrow I go for a gallbladder ultrasound. If they find stones, out it comes. If not, I start taking a medication to help thin my bile. If, after a month, I am getting relief from that, it is most likely my biliary system, and out comes the gallbladder. If not, that's probably not the issue. Long term though, he says that my gallbladder has low function, and eventually, in my lifetime, will probably have to come out. He also put me back on an acid reducer because he wants to have that under control so it doesn't mask any of the symptoms of the gallbladder, since my GI system obviously goes loco under stress. But then, we already knew that!

Since I never intended to have a blog to post about such mundane stuff as my health, here's a little something to lighten the mood:

Gracie came out of the bathroom the other day and said, "Look at me Mommy, aren't I beautiful?" And of course, I sure thought so! Don't you?

Of course, as soon as Maggie saw the picture, she wanted one too, so here's my other beautiful baby girl!

And with a super thanks for all your prayers that have been holding me up this past week, I'll sign off!

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